Brujah Sheriff in Vampire: the Masquerade "Twin Cities by Night"


• Position: Sheriff
• Apparent Age: Late 40s
• Hair: Bald with short trimmed grey hair crew cut style. Also has a grey handlebar mustache and a two day growth of stubble on his face.
• Eyes: Blue
• Build: About six feet in height, looks to have been muscular in his earlier years but time had started to catch up to his body before he was embraced.
• Casual Observations: Ty looks rather gruff and sounds the part too. His voice sounds as if he had one too many cigarettes and shots of cheap whisky before he was embraced. He usually wears blue jeans with combat boots, a long sleeve button up shirt with a biker leather cut over it. The cut had a Thor’s hammer in the middle and a top rocker that says “Hammer Head MC” and the bottom rocker that says “Twin Cities, MN”. He wears a variety of jewelry, most notably a ring with the symbol of the 82nd Airborne Division on his ring finger of his left hand. He seems lately to be on edge since the death of his Deputy, Bugs Dupate.



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