Annabelle Carter

Gangrel Primogen in Vampire: the Masquerade "Twin Cities by Night"


• Position: Primogen
• Apparent Age: Early 20s
• Hair: Shoulder length layered auburn hair.
• Eyes: Blue
• Build: 5 feet and a few inches
• Casual Observations: Annabelle seems to be a prodigy of sorts to some when it comes to traversing the delicate waters of Kindred affairs. While most Kindred try to live a secluded life going years without seeing another of their kind unless ordered to, Annabelle has been involved with a passion. She often was considered the “real” Primogen due to the fact that her sire, Aaron Whiteside, never seemed to fill the function as was expected. She is considered the glue that keeps the clan member together. With the recent loss of Bugs Dupate, and Aaron Whiteside leaving, she will truly be tested. When she talks she often looks intense, like there is a dire that is lit within her. She often dresses casually with jeans and long sleeve shirts or sweaters.


Annabelle Carter

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