Adam Carter

Malkavian Primogen in Vampire: the Masquerade "Twin Cities by Night"


• Position: Primogen
• Apparent Age: Mid 40s
• Hair: Dirty blonde hair, neck length that is combed back usually into a ponytail.
• Eyes: Green and wears glasses.
• Build: 6ft or so, tall and athletic, but somewhat lanky too.
• Casual Observations: Adam is often times perceived as meek, and is soft spoken. His hold polite conversations, and seems to be somewhat private. He wears jeans, with t-shirts and a tweed jacket along with some cowboy boots. In the past it was often times forgotten that the Malkavian clan even had a presence in the Twin Cities mainly because of Adam being the only member and him never requesting permission to embrace anyone. This has recently changed though with Adam’s sire awakening for torpor and taking on the role of Scourge. There is a rumor though, that there may be some new Kindred introduced at the next Elysium, all from the Malkavian clan…..


Adam Carter

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