Aaron Whiteside

Grangrel in Vampire: the Masquerade "Twin Cities by Night"


• Position: None
• Apparent Age: Mid to late 30s
• Hair: Longer dark, shiny black hair. He usually wears it in two braids with the front cut short, or one single braid.
• Eyes: Brown
• Build: Over six feet tall, slender, and athletic.
• Casual Observations: Aaron Whiteside is a Native American and comes across to those that meet him as rude, and as if he does not have the interest to speak to them and is very blunt when he does. He usually wears country western shirts with tight blue jeans with cowboy boots. Aaron has oddly long fingers, and eyes that have bright gold flecks within them. When Aaron was Primogen he barely shows up to Elysium gatherings, unless the Prince asked for the attendance of all Kindred within the Twin Cities area. His Childe and the current Primogen of Clan Gangrel, Anabelle Carter, would sit on his behalf. Rumor is that recently Aaron stepped down as Primogen and his whereabouts are unknown.


Aaron Whiteside

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